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Community Solar Project

Rainy Solar, located in Elgin, brought a 3,730-panel array that came online in August is connected to the ComEd grid and will create an estimated 1.3 million kilowatt hours every year. 

Fox Aviatrix used their drone technology to provide video and photography to display the amazing work brought to the North Shore by Rainy Solar.  

Because of the sheer size of the solar installation, we had to fly the drone at maxiumum height (400 ft) to capture the entire building.  Luckily we had a sunny day with clear visibility, making it easier to get just the right lighting! 

Given that the flight was done on a weekend, there was no one around, so we had the freedom to fly in a wide perimeter around the property.   This allowed Fox Aviatrix to provide Rainy Solar with awesome views of their one-of-a-kind project.

1111 Davis Road

The installation of the panels began in 2017 and took about six months to complete, said Everton Walters, CEO of WCP Solar, which did the installation work. The hundreds of 6-by-3.4-feet panels can generate 1.2 megawatts of energy annually.

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Find out what the Patch has to say about the Rainy Solar Event. North Shore Towns To Save Money With New Community Solar Project.

City of Elgin

The City of Elgin used our photo on their Facebook page showing how proud they are to house this amazing community project.

About Rainy Solar

Rainy Solar is a Utility Scale Community Solar Company created to fully realize local, state, and federal incentives and credits under Illinois newly enacted FEJA (future energy jobs act) laws. Currently producing over 2% of total IL total solar power commercially.  Will be the very first commercial community solar system in the state ABP (adjustable block program) to launch.

Rainy Solar was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur & industrial commercial real estate investor Ken Buckman.

The unused rooftops with incentives seemed like a “no-brainer” and Buckman dove in with $millions of development well before the new laws were clearly defined.